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Cannabis has survived through an unwarranted prohibition lasting nearly three generations. Governments have cut it down, burned it up, poisoned it, and spent a trillion dollars to fight the war on “drugs" which has by all accounts been a failure. Yet cannabis has not only survived, it is thriving. 

Cannabis is having a Renaissance and there are few governments around the world not aware of its dynamic resurgence. Every day new legislation is being written to open up avenues in which cannabis can be used to answer today's challenges. Renaissance is a renewal of life, vigor, interest, a rebirth and a revival, and cannabis continues to be a catalyst to evoke all those descriptions.



Going back 5000 years, the Sanskrit name for cannabis was “Sane." Our ancestors used cannabis in rituals and pharmacopoeia, handing it down generation after generation. The Goddess of Cannabis, Magu, meaning "Hemp Lady” was the caretaker of what had long been named an “Elixir of Life.” It was deemed one of the Superior Elixirs of Immortality by Shen Nung. 

Lord Shiva is considered by many to be the Lord of Bhang, aka Cannabis, and Shiva offered it to Kali, Goddess of Life and Death. Kali’s cannabis mantra is, “Om, Hrim Ambrosia, that springeth forth from ambrosia, Thou shalt showers ambrosia, draw ambrosia for me again and again. Bring Kalika within my control. Give success; Svaha.” Cannabis is still used in the Vedic practices and rituals and is one of five essential plants used in Vedas medicine. 

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Carl Sagan has suggested that cannabis was humanities first agricultural crop. And the researcher Christian Ratsch noted; “No other plant has been with humans as long as hemp. Cannabis has through the millennia been connected with a number of Goddesses around Mother Earth." Cannabis has provided humanity with fuel and fiber for at least 5 millennia.

The colorful history and understanding of this plant's gifts have been nearly lost throughout the last 90 years. From bhang to Lemon Skunk, cannabis has been known by many names. Among royalty it seems to have been revered, being buried with the kings' and queens' greatest treasures. 

Cannabis is having a Renaissance and we’ve been invited.

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