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A Natural Economic Opportunity

"The U.S. construction industry is valued at more than a trillion dollars per year. The hemp building sector could eventually surpass CBD, which leads all hemp sectors." - HempToday

Hempcrete is a hemp-lime composite construction material. The stalk of the industrial hemp plant is mixed with a lime-based binder.

Hempcrete is a green building material with a very low/zero carbon footprint.

"Hempcrete buildings become carbon-negative over time as the walls absorb the carbon dioxide that’s exhaled by occupants." - Hemp Magazine


Urban Hemp & Cannabis Company in partnership with TAO Homes is looking for a grant and Hempcrete contractors to rebuild two historical homes in Salt Lake City, Utah. These two homes are located in the historic district. The original homes are still standing and TAO Homes will salvage all historic brick, moldings and architectural columns and piccadilly that can be reused for new construction. TAO Homes would like to build these homes with Hempcrete and insulation derived from Hemp. If you know of any funding and are are willing to help fund these projects, (we have some funding already!), contact us. If you own a Hempcrete company, this could be a great way to get the word out about Hempcrete!

Hemp for Victory
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