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With the Internet of Everything’s creation, the internet is evolving again. Billions of objects fitted with a variety of sensors are constantly streaming their data to the cloud, everything from weather observations to heart rates to people’s favorite dish at a restaurant. This data offers powerful new tools to diagnose and correct problems on a wide scale and cannabis is uniquely suited to take advantage of this proliferation of data. CannaData will allow us to unlock the full potential of cannabis and better understand its countless uses for wellness and health.



When cannabis was declared illegal, computers as we know them did not exist. The internet was not even a fever dream of the most forward thinking scientist! Flash forward to today, where data analytics and neural networks form the foundation of the world’s economy. Everything is measured and recorded, so that it may be analyzed to find big picture meaning. Cities are embracing neural networks and data to ease traffic congestion, plan future mass transit lines, and fight crime. If we apply the awesome power of data analytics and neural networks to cannabis we can link disparate data together to achieve a greater understanding of how this plant can help us.

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With the technological advances now available, information has changed from fixed to fluid and is streamed to the cloud in real time. This data is a major component of the needed research many politicians, clergy, medical professionals and scientists have been waiting for concerning cannabis and hemp. Research will be uploaded and downloaded expediting the unanswered questions of cannabis’ efficacy. Vast amounts of researched data can be shared, accessed, analyzed and personalized giving us valuable information we can use to create and manage our individual wellness and health using a full spectrum exercise.

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Imagine wearing hemp socks, clothing and shoes and being able to track on your smart watch how much impact they are having on your health and wellness. Imagine taking your cannabis and having your smart watch record specific parameters: sleep quantity and quality, stress levels, inflammation levels, the microbial makeup of your system, the level of CB1 and CB2 receptor activation, the types of cannabinoids currently in your system, etc. With current technology, the continual changes happening throughout your endocannabinoid system can be monitored, making individual dosing easy to achieve through self-regulated data.



The homeostasis of our own body’s systems will be determined in part through the collaborative efforts of billions of people. Collecting this data in a useful way and feeding it to neural networks will unlock new uses and treatments, perhaps even lead to the discovery of new cannabinoids, and ultimately allow cannabis to fully step back into its historic role as a preeminent wellness option. Cannabis and hemp will be researched and engaged with in a more productive and expansive way as we navigate exabytes of data and information. As we march towards all humans being connected, the Internet of Everything and the Everything of Cannabis will intermingle and you will be the receiver and decider of what is personally relevant to you amongst the technological forces shaping our future.

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