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Hemp was the rope for the explorers throughout history. The US Navy used hemp during World War II and found it so necessary to secure that the U.S. Department of Agriculture released a short film in 1942 titled Hemp for Victory. Farmers were encouraged to plant their field to supply the navy with the needed fibers. With the passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, American farmers are again encouraged to plant their fields. This time, hemp's fibers will help weave a new way to live for generations of innovators, artisans, farmers, leaders and dreamers. Industrial hemp is poised to be a major player this century!



Deforestation is a serious problem, and the growing of hemp could help offset ecological disaster. Hemp paper had been used throughout history until the 1930’s when cannabis was made illegal. When this happened, the world’s old growth forests suffered.


Countless centuries-old ecosystems were destroyed to make a product that could be made far more easily and sustainably from cannabis, which can be replanted every three months, and used for paper products with minimal negative impact on the environment.


Urban Hemp & Cannabis Company proudly carries handmade 100% hemp paper and hemp/reclaimed papers in our shop. Papers that inspire beauty and quality for fine writing, drawing, storytelling and delightful unknown creations.


Almost an entire home can be built out of cannabis fiber. Hempcrete for non-load bearing walls, hemp seed oil for paint, carpet and flooring, hemp insulation and hemp composites all come from the cannabis plant. Hemp's fiber is long in length and therefore extremely strong which aids in the building of homes. Hemp based composites resist fire, termites, rodents, fungus and pest, better than wood composites coming from the trees grown today. 100% hemp towels, socks, bedding and clothing are available at Urban Hemp & Cannabis Company, and at our shop. We support artisans using hemp to create quality garments that support a healthy, sustainable environment and future.

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