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Rawganique Organic Hemp Towel

Rawganique Organic Hemp Towel

Our hemp knit hand towel is designed to be functional, long-lasting, pure, ecologically sustainable, and to leave as light a footprint as possible on this fragile planet of ours. Heritage quality ribbed and honeycomb waffle knits. They are great as all-around household wipes, too! Don't be fooled by the word hand towel - this size is so versatile you can take it to the gym, or on your next trip. The Organic Hemp Hand Towel works perfectly as a workout and yoga towel — it's very absorbent, fast-drying and cozy. Many customers travel with the hemp knit towel and use it for instead of napkins, scarf, etc...


Size: 15" x 25"


Care: Hand wash using mild biodegradable detergent and hang to dry. Keep dry when not in use.

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