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Hemp Lucid- Stress Mushroom Gummies - Watermelon

Hemp Lucid- Stress Mushroom Gummies - Watermelon

Does it ever seem like stress is a constant part of your daily life?

Our Stress Gummies are carefully crafted to help you maintain a sense of calm, no matter what your day brings.

While there’s no substitute for healthy sleep and diet, these tasty gummies are packed with natural ingredients that not only calm, but improve your body’s ability to cope with stress over time.

Ready to feel like yourself again?

Certified Organic CBD: This full-spectrum hemp extract may support a sense of calm, along with managing feelings of stress, fatigue, and exercise-induced inflammation.1

Functional Mushroom Blend: Known as “adaptogens,” these are naturally-sourced mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and more. They may help your body adapt to negative stress over time, improving your resilience.1

Delta 9 THC*: Relaxes the body and mind, may promote uplifted mood and higher feeling of wellness Combines with CBD for the Entourage Effect.

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