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ETC Good Day+ 30 count

ETC Good Day+ 30 count

Introducing ETC’s Good Day. + Gummies. ETC + Gummies are designed to give you

more cannabinoids per serving, for boosted effects. Our new formula is measured

out to be one serving per gummy, making your consumption more efficient. This

new formula is vegan, all-natural, and cruelty-free. The delicious strawberry

flavor is based from real strawberries with no artificial flavors.


GOOD DAY. + Gummies



* Package: 30 gummies | 2,025mg cannabinoids | 75mg delta-9 THC

* Serving size: 1 gummy | 67.5mg cannabinoids| 2.5mg delta-9 THCGOOD DAY. +

Strawberry Gummies are made from our premium, water-soluble daytime formula,

designed for speedy onset and maximum uptake. Mouthwatering and blended with

67.5mg of full-spectrum, hemp-based cannabinoids, GOOD DAY. + Gummies are

designed for either daytime use. None of the statements on this website should

be construed as dispensing medical advice or making claims regarding the cure

of diseases or effects this product will produce.

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