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Rawganique European Hemp Terry Socks

Rawganique European Hemp Terry Socks

This world's first and only thick and cozy organic hemp socks are great for anyone, especially people who want breathable and non-confining socks to allow free circulation in the foot. Our hemp socks are so thick, comfortable and natural that many people are referring to them as medical hemp socks because they help relieve so many conditions associated with circulation and breathability in the foot.


These socks tend to run on the larger side.


Unbleached & undyed. Hypoallergenic. Highly Breathable. For foot health.


Care: Best to treat these eco friendly organic hemp socks like delicate silks and hand wash in cold or warm water (biodegradable detergent). Press water out, don't twist. Hang to dry. Steam iron at linen setting, if desired.

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