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ETC Good Night. Softgels 30 count

ETC Good Night. Softgels 30 count

Introducing ETC’s Good Night. Softgels. Take the first step to living a

happier, healthier life. Our new formula is measured out to be one serving per

softgel, making your consumption more efficient. Our cruelty-free softgels

using natural ingredients are an excellent way wind down at the end of your day.


GOOD NIGHT. Softgels



* Package contents: 30 pills | 30 servings | 1,371mg total cannabinoids |

51mg delta-9 THC

* Serving size: 1 softgel | 45.7mg total cannabinoids| 1.7 mg delta-9 THC

* Contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC by weight.GOOD NIGHT. Hemp softgels are

made from our premium, water-soluble daytime formula, designed for speedy onset

and maximum uptake. With 45.7mg of full-spectrum, hemp-based cannabinoids, GOOD

NIGHT Softgels are designed for evening or nighttime use. None of the

statements on this website should be construed as dispensing medical advice or

making claims regarding the cure of diseases or effects this product will



GOOD NIGHT. Hemp Softgels are an Endo Therapeutic Cannabinoid (ETC.) product,

all of our products are 3rd Party Tested to demonstrate accurate potency, free

of heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and microbial

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