Scientists Delve Into Another Cannabinoid: Cannabimovone aka CBM

As I said in a previous post about the discovery of THCP and CBDP, you are going to see a lot of these types of news articles as we move more fully into the cannabis renaissance.

And what do you know? Another cannabinoid news article is making the rounds!

A recent study has revealed that a cannabinoid called cannabimovone could potentially unlock new therapies for treatment of metabolic disorders, eating disorders and diabetes. For a quick refresher on the most pharmacologically active cannabinoids check out this post!

Cannabimovone aka CBM

This cannabinoid was actually discovered in the early 2000s, but scientists are only now unlocking its secrets. CBM is commonly found in hemp, especially in a variety known as carmagnola which is a traditional Italian industrial hemp strain used in fiber production throughout Europe.

CBM has been found to bind to important receptors in the human body known as PPARα and PPARγ, which control the genes responsible for creating cells in our major organs, as well as our hormone-regulating fatty tissues. These crucial receptors also regulate our metabolism and can be involved in the formations of some cancers. CBM has been shown to also partially activate these receptors!

What does this mean?

CBM is showing a potential use for the treatment of insulin resistance-related disorders by stimulating insulin signaling, meaning it may have profound medical potential as an anti-diabetic.

Essentially researchers are suggesting that conditions such as diabetes could potentially be treated by new formulations of cannabinoids such as CBM, CBD, THCV, THC among other cannabinoids shown to regulate insulin activity and metabolism.

Wow! Exciting stuff! And we suspect these kinds of discoveries are only going to accelerate as more resources are invested in cannabis research!

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